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Rotary Platen

Precision-Flat Platen

The platen used on the prototype high speed Lapper and the Disk Grinder has an adjustable speed range of 0 to 3,000 rpm. The surface of the 19" diameter air bearing spindle platen is flat to within 0.00003". The air bearing spindle also has an integral high-speed rotary union that provides disc attachment vacuum to the platen surface.  This allows for quick changes to different sized discs or abrasive particles.  


No Abrasive Wear of Platen Surface

There is no abrasive wear-down of the precision-flat air bearing platen surface

because it is covered and protected by the flexible abrasive disks that are

vacuum attached to the platen surface. This means that its surface does not

have to be periodically refurbished as is the case with slurry lapping or polishing



Air Bearing Platen Spindle

Air bearing spindles can operate at higher speeds and are stiffer than equivalent

roller bearing spindles. These robust air bearing spindles are well suited for

continuous duty during long term abrading procedures with little or no

maintenance.  The air bearing platen spindle has an internal variable speed drive

motor with a programmable drive controller that allows the operator to make

profiled platen speed changes for specific wafer abrading procedures.

Robust, Low Maintenance

A pressurized labyrinth shroud surrounds the air bearing to prevent abrading debris from contaminating the spindle internal components.


Platen Alignment

An adjustable spherical spindle mount allows the air bearing platen surface to be aligned precisely perpendicular to the wafer head axis of rotation. This is possible even when the machine frame components are not precisely aligned with each other.


Large Platens

Large 24” or 36” (or larger) diameter platens can be used to simultaneously abrade multiple wafers or workpieces at single or multiple workstations.

Keltech Rotary Platen
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