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“Diamonds + Speed=Success

Establish Technology Worldwide

The 10X faster system of high-speed abrasive polishing of sapphire has been verified by many abrading tests. The tests also demonstrated very long abrade lives of the vitrified agglomerate island discs.  Further, expensive diamond abrasive particles are fully utilized with the fixed-abrasive discs. Faster sapphire abrasive polishing and long disc abrade life have been sought in the industry for many years, but failed.


Abrasive island discs having a wide range of abrasive particle sizes, abrasive materials and disc geometries can be readily supplied for use on lapper machines configured for abrading a wide variety of products.

It is this proven system of vitrified abrasive agglomerate islands coated in annular bands on flexible discs that the world is waiting for.


 An excellent way to explore this technology is for you to provide workpieces that are abraded on-site at Keltech using our vitrified diamond abrasive island discs on our lapper machine at high speeds and controlled abrading pressures.  Collaboration can provide you with valuable insight and allow appraisal of both the technology and the business prospects.

Abrade Test Your Wafers

You can send us samples of your 2” diameter sapphire, SiC or GaN wafers and we will abrade them with our vitrified diamond agglomerate island discs and supply you with the abrade cut-rate data.

We will mount three each of your 2” wafers on a couple of polymer discs and abrade them with our high-speed lapper machine. The abrade test data will then be sent to you.

In return, we ask that you supply Keltech with abrasive slurry abrade data you have for these same wafers. This will allow us, and you, to compare the use of our fixed-abrasive discs operating at high speeds with conventional loose-abrasive CMP slurries.

If the data is of interest, you can schedule a visit here where we will demo the abrade tests using the same wafer discs and our vitrified agglomerate diamond island discs.


A partnership of Keltech with a legacy company would allow further developing of the technology, scaling up production, refining the process procedures and preparing the business for supplying both abrasive discs and abrading machines to the marketplace.  Utilization of the proprietary technology already developed here would assure quick worldwide establishment of the system.  

Virtual Company

Keltech could be operated as a virtual company that supplies abrasive discs for abrading machines supplied by equipment manufacturers.  Each abrasive lapper machine would consume many of the flexible abrasive discs annually.  The discs are lightweight and easy to ship.  Special disc orders can be produced quickly for a wide range of disc sizes, types of abrasive material and abrasive particle sizes.  Keltech is a highly recognizable name that is directly associated with its pioneering success in developing the high speed abrasive sapphire polishing system. 

Contract Mfg Agglomerates

Vitrified diamond abrasive agglomerates can be produced in bulk by a Contract Manufacturer.  These quality-controlled agglomerates can have a range of standard agglomerate sizes and contain controlled quantities of selected diamond particle sizes.  Agglomerates can be supplied to abrasive disc and abrasive wheel manufacturers.  Other abrasive materials including CBN, BC4 and aluminum oxide can also be encapsulated in vitrified agglomerates.

Contract Mfg Agglomerate Discs

 Vitrified diamond abrasive agglomerates can be mold-formed into island structures on flexible disc backings for use in high-speed abrading and polishing of sapphire and other hard materials including silicone carbide and gallium nitride.  The agglomerates can also be coated on continuous polymer webs with adhesive where abrasive sheets and discs are cut from the web.

Contract Mfg Agglomerate Grinding Wheels

Grinding wheels can be easily made with vitrified diamond abrasive agglomerates by mixing the agglomerates with an adhesive and  coating or mold-forming a layer on a wheel hub.  Use of the pre-formed vitrified diamond agglomerates eliminates the conventional requirement of molding a mixture of glass powder and diamonds on a hub and placing the whole wheel in a furnace to melt the glass.

Porosity of the abrasive layer is easily controlled with filler materials and the use of industry-standard solvent-based phenolic adhesives.

Lapper Machine Builders

Keltech has designed new high speed  lapper machines that are easy to build, have simple configurations , are durable and relatively inexpensive.  These machines will be available from multiple machine builders.

Who Will Have This Technology?

The question of who will have the technology for their products and services will evolve in the near future. Utilizing our complete and successful system of high speed abrasive polishing of sapphire will allow quick worldwide implementation, far ahead of competitors.  Patents and trade secrets will protect the technology far into the future.

User Wafer Abrade Test Of Vitrified island Disc

Vitrified diamond agglomerate island 6” discs can be supplied to users to conduct their own high speed abrading tests on small 2” sapphire, SiC or GaN wafers with a very simple test apparatus described on the Technology Page of this website.

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