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“Diamonds + Speed=Success

New Opportunities For Everyone

Keltech’s new form of high-speed vitrified diamond agglomerate abrasive island media provides lots of opportunities for you and your customers.

Sapphire, SiC and GaN wafers are abrasively polished 10X to 50X times faster than with conventional liquid abrasive slurry polishing.

Multiple slurry polishing machines can be replaced with a single abrasive island disc machine.

Abrade-Test Proven Technology

Hundreds of vitrified diamond abrasive particle agglomerate island disc abrading tests of sapphire wafers have clearly demonstrated the superior abrading performance of these discs.

6” Vitrified Diamond Abrasive Island Disc Samples

Keltech will supply you with 6” vitrified diamond abrasive agglomerate island discs.

You can use these to verify the high cut rates for your 2” sapphire, SiC and GaN wafers using one of your shop milling machines.

These tests will also demonstrate the long abrade life of the island discs.

Keltech Will Supply Full-Sized Island Discs

Large-sized island discs will be supplied for your wafer abrading process developments. These discs will have a wide range of diamond particles sizes and disc geometries.

They can also be used to develop your abrasive lapping and polishing machines.

Small-scale production of island discs will be made on-site at Keltech.

Large-scale production of island discs will be made by contract manufacturers.


Production of the vitrified diamond abrasive agglomerates will be made in-house and by contract manufacturers

Keltech Provides Abrasive Island Discs, NOT Lapping Machines

Multiple legacy machine builders will provide the abrasive lapping machines that utilize the Keltech vitrified diamond agglomerate island discs.

Keltech will partner with these machine builders to optimize their machines that are configured for your wafer polishing requirements.

Keltech will supply the many island discs used annually by each lapping machine.

Market Sizes

Millions of wafers and workpieces are polished each month. They are used in many different huge markets for cell phone camera lenses, watch crystals, LEDs, semiconductors and mechanical seals.

Keltech Patents, Trade Secrets

Keltech has a large patent portfolio.

It also has very extensive proprietary (Trade Secret) developments.

Both protect Keltech’s high-speed abrasive polishing system.

Also, competitors use of Keltech’s very distinctive island discs with the required porous filler between islands would be very obvious.

Vitrified Diamond Agglomerate Non-Island Discs

 The vitrified diamond agglomerates can also be coated on webs using solvent based adhesives. These abrasives will have very high cut rates and long disc abrade lives.

  Vitrified Diamond Agglomerate Grinding Wheels

The vitrified diamond agglomerates can also be coated on wheel hubs using solvent based adhesives.

Upon evaporation of the abrasive industry phenolic adhesive solvents, the porous abrasive will have very high cut rates and long wheel abrade lives.

These abrasive wheels are easily produced at modest oven temperatures  instead of the very high furnace temperatures used for conventional diamond abrasive wheel construction.

  Partner With Keltech

Keltech will partner with both legacy disc manufactures and machine builders.

This will insure that the use of the vitrified diamond abrasive agglomerate island discs is quickly implemented worldwide.

Keltech Investors

Funding provided by investors would be used to develop high-volume production of island discs .

They would also be used to establish web-based sales of the island discs worldwide.

Virtual Company

Keltech can also be operated as a virtual company that supplies abrasive discs for the abrading machines made by equipment manufacturers. 

Each abrasive lapper machine would consume many of the flexible abrasive discs annually.  The discs are lightweight and easy to ship. 

Special disc orders can be produced quickly for a wide range of disc sizes, types of abrasive material and abrasive particle sizes.

Keltech Name Recognition

Keltech is a highly recognizable name that is directly associated with its pioneering success in developing high-speed abrasive sapphire polishing systems. 

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