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Work Room

R&D Operation Facilities

Keltech operates a complete research and development facility.

Both the Lapper and Disc Grinder machines were designed and built on-site. 

The vitrified diamond agglomerates were made and mold-formed into islands on flexible discs here. 

Sapphire wafer abrading process procedures were developed and abrading test data generated

Lapper Machine

The heavy industrial Lapper machine is used to abrade sapphire wafers at high speeds with the diamond abrasive island discs.

Disc Grinder

The Disc Grinder is a heavy industrial machine that is used to pre-grind disc islands into a mutually-flat planar surface.

Machine Shop

Keltech has an extensive machine shop used to build and modify abrasive machines and production equipment.

A Bridgeport mill and a Hardinge tool room lathe are both fully tooled with accessories.

Equipment also includes: grinders, belt sanders, vertical and horizontal saws, TIG and MIG welders.

Electronics, Electronics Controls

Keltech has a large inventory of a wide range of measuring devices, readouts, electrical control devices, electrical components and motors.  

Other devices include temperature controllers, pneumatic systems, fluid flow and positioning devices. 

Mechanical Components, Metals and Plastics

Inventory includes many fasteners, mechanical screw drive slides, precision bearing slides and bearings. 

In addition, steel and aluminum angle, bars, rod, tubes and plates are stocked. 

Also, a wide variety of plastic materials are stocked.

Diamond Particles, Adhesives And Chemicals

Multiple sized diamond particles, powdered glass, foam glass beads, filler materials and chemicals are stocked.

Ovens and Furnace

Large Despatch industrial ovens with Watlow PID temperature controllers are used for curing of disc adhesives.

A Paragon high temperature furnace with a Watlow PID controller is used to produce the vitrified diamond abrasive agglomerates. 

Air Compressor, Vacuum Pump

 A 7.5 hp Ingersol Rand 2-stage air compressor supplies large volumes of high-pressure air to the lapper and disc grinder air bearing platen spindles.

Vacuum is provided by an automated Busch 2 hp vacuum pump for the Lapper, the Disc Grinder and the lab. 


Keltech has a complete lab that is used for making vitrified diamond agglomerates island abrasive discs. 


Keltech has a complete office facility computers,  printers, copiers and full array of office software. 

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