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High Speed Abrasive Polishing Success

The basic work of developing the technology to provide high speed abrasive polishing and lapping is now complete.  Operating our high-speed prototype abrasive lapper with our abrasive bead coated island discs proved that sapphire polishing is 10X faster than conventional liquid abrasive slurry systems.


Here, “Diamonds+Speed=Success”.


Cost Savings For Users

Users will save money a number of ways.  First, the abrading system is faster. 

Second, the time spent cleaning the oil-based abrasive slurry mess from wafers

when making the required reduction in abrasive particle sizes is reduced.  Simply

changing an abrasive island disc by vacuum attachment to a platen quickly provides

smaller abrasive sizes.  Third, all the expensive abrasive particles in the abrasive

beads are fully utilized with fixed abrasive compared to only a few in slurry systems.

Simple, Robust Abrading Machines

The high-speed abrasive lapping machines have been proven to be reliable and

simple to operate.  They are simple enough to be built in our shop which means

they can easily be produced anywhere in the world.

Abrasive Island Discs

Each lapper machine will consume a large quantity of the abrasive bead coated island discs annually.  These discs will provide a wide range of abrasive materials and abrasive particle sizes.  Flexible polycarbonate disc substrates having different diameters can be held in inventory for batch coating of selected abrasive particles on a quick turn-around basis.  The discs are lightweight and can be shipped anywhere at very low costs.

Huge Markets For Technology

Sapphire wafer polishing has multiple huge markets.  Sapphire is used for camera windows and screens for cell phones.  They are also used for watch crystals, smartwatch displays, and computer device display screens.  LED devices are produced from sapphire wafers as are semiconductor (SOS) wafers.  Huge numbers of semiconductor silicon wafers are lapped and polished each year, most with liquid abrasive slurries, and some with fixed-abrasive web rolls.  Large quantities of industrial hard-material workpieces are abrasively lapped to provide precision-flat surfaces as well.

Great Future

There are many who have been waiting years for this technology to be proven. Once they have seen the very superior performance results from actual polishing demonstrations, they will demand to have access to the technology. Abrasive polishing performance advantages will result in widespread utilization in a very short period of time.

Keltech an R&D Company (Only)

Keltech is a specialized R&D company.  Presently, it is too small to directly provide either the many special-design, precision-flat, high-speed abrasive lapper machines or the large volumes of special-configuration abrasive island discs required worldwide for all of these industries.

Keltech Loading Disc onto Lapper
Keltech Discs and Sapphire Workpieces
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