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Future Product Lines

Machine Production

Lapping and polishing machines can be easily constructed by experienced machine

builders to fit the specific needs of users. These machines are easy to operate,

reliable, and durable which makes for many years of productive service.  Machines

can have a wide range of sizes to accommodate individual wafers and workpieces

or groups of them.  Multiple wafer processing heads can be used on a machine to

simultaneously process individual wafers or groups of wafers using a single island

abrasive disc.  Air bearing platens, similar to those presently used for conventional

lapping and polishing machines, can produce the precision flatness and high

speeds required for our high-speed abrasive polishing system.  For reference, the

prototype lapper and disc grinder machines that are in constant use in our shop

were built on-site at our facility.


Machine Automation

As is the case in many commercial lapping operations, automated machine loading,

and operation is very desirable.  The lapper machine can easily accommodate

standard robotic material handling devices that can provide partial or fully

automated lapping and polishing production of wafers and workpieces.


Large-Bead Coated Abrasive Articles

Our large erodible abrasive beads can also be coated on web backing materials to form a new class of abrasive articles. These abrasive discs, sheets, and belts will all offer extraordinarily long abrading lives compared to conventional abrasive products.  These large bead-coated abrasive articles will provide much longer abrading life than conventional lapping film media that has very small abrasive particles.

​Better Geometry

The large abrasive beads provide a particle-utilization advantage over conventional pyramid-shaped abrasive articles. With spherical beads, the bulk of the abrasive particles contained in a bead are elevated a significant distance from the backing sheets. The bulk of the abrasive particles in an abrasive pyramid are located very close to the backing sheet. Because of their elevation, most of the particles in a bead can be utilized without the wafer or workpiece coming into abrading contact with the backing. Abrading contact of the wafer with the backing is much more likely as a pyramid wears down.


Disc Consumption

As is common in the lapping and polishing industry, the consumables

can cost as much or more than the machine itself over its lifetime.  Each lapping and polishing machine will consume many high-value abrasive coated island-discs each year and because of this, abrasive article production will prove to be very profitable over the life of each machine.


Disc Production

Discs can be produced on a batch basis with low manufacturing facility

investments through several different methods. They can also be produced with

modified web coating equipment to better utilize existing production facilities.


Disc Inventory

A wide variety of low-cost flexible island-disc substrates having different disc

diameters can be held in inventory for coating with selected abrasive materials

and particle sizes. Coating these island discs with the abrasive beads is a simple

and fast process that easily allows for the end users to request specialized disc

combinations without significant time delay.


Abrasive Bead Inventory

Likewise, abrasive beads of all different sizes, abrasive types, and abrasive

compositions can be produced in bulk and held in inventory for coating on

batches of island discs.

Disc Shipping

These long lasting and highly effective discs are lightweight and can be quickly shipped at low costs.

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