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10X Faster Sapphire, SiC, GaN Abrading
Long Abrasive Disc Abrade Life
Vitrified Diamond Abrasive Agglomerates

Use of fixed-abrasive island discs allows sapphire to be polished 10X faster than conventional liquid abrasive slurry polishing. 


Keltech has the only system in the world that does high-speed abrasive polishing of sapphire.

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New Form Of Wafer Abrasive Polishing Media For High Speeds

A new form of abrasive media is being introduced worldwide that can be used at very high abrading speeds to provide extraordinary high cut rates of hard sapphire, SiC and GaN wafers. These fixed-abrasive vitrified  diamond agglomerate island discs have a wide range of diamond abrasive particle sizes. The large particles first grind and flatten the wafers and the small particles then provide very smooth wafer surfaces.

Millions of Sapphire Wafers Abrasive Polished Each Month

Huge numbers of sapphire work pieces and wafers are polished each month with abrasive to provide flat and smooth surfaces.  Sapphire is used for cell phone camera lenses, smart watch crystals, LED wafers and semiconductor wafers. Other very hard semiconductor wafers include silicon carbide and gallium nitride.  Also, hard steel or ceramic industrial seals are flat lapped with abrasive. 

Abrasive Islands Prevent Workpiece Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning of workpieces at high speeds is avoided with the use of fixed-abrasive islands that are bonded to flexible polymer discs cooled with water spray.  Conventional liquid abrasive slurries cannot operate at high speeds without causing  hydroplaning.

Vitrified Diamond Agglomerates Provide High Cut Rates, Long Abrade Life

During vitrification, diamond abrasive particles and glass powder are melted together in a furnace.   The vitrified material is fractured into agglomerates that are molded into annular bands of islands on flexible polymer discs.  Diamond particles are strongly supported by the rigid glass during abrading.  Agglomerates provide both high sapphire cut rates and very long disc abrade lives, as verified with hundreds of abrade tests.

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